• BCT Bastion, independent asset manager

      Who are we?

      BCT Bastion Capital & Trust is an independent Swiss company based in Geneva.
      We are fully dedicated to portfolio management and financial advisory for private clients. Looking for the best performance, we offer a high quality of service.
      Our independence allows us the free choice of business partners in Switzerland and abroad with whom we forge working relationships of mutual respect and trust.

      With a network in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we assemble the skills that make up the tailor-made solutions adapted to deliver the value that you expect.

      Why us?

      With a strong international and multicultural experience of over 35 years in the field of asset management, our team operates with professionalism and strives for excellence.
      Our affiliation with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM/VSV) is a measure of our competence and integrity.
      Our clients appreciate the close relationships we maintain with them over the years, thus ensuring optimal service in a transparent environment.

      Our experience, our independence and our size enable us to help you navigate these uncertain times of difficult financial markets and respond to your own plans and family needs.

      Our know-how

      Guided by our core values and a unique perspective of development, we offer quality investment programs by providing professional service calibrated to the specifics of our customers.

      Our expertise is based on what we value most in our company :
      1. The client first. Serving a limited number of select clients allows us to better understand the needs of each client and thus protect his/her interests.
      2. Building networks. We provide a network of prime business partners in Switzerland, Europe, Asia or the Middle East.
      3. Quality results. We strive for excellence and professional expertise to produce consistent and competitive results.
      4. Integrity. We act in full transparency because we believe to be responsible for the impact we have on others.

      In keeping up with your changing needs and changing markets, we offer a commonsensical approach and pragmatic solutions which best meet the business logic of your assets.

      quality of service
    • Private wealth management, our business

      In a human-size structure favoring an authentic relationship of trust, BCT Bastion Capital & Trust supports and advises clients on all aspects of their holdings. The protection and enhancement of capital over time are the priorities of portfolio construction.
      We support you in adapting business models to the redefinition of banking secrecy and increasing regulatory requirements. Throughout this process, we strive to simplify your life by closely working together.

      Planning and management

      • Collaboration with the tax and legal advisors of the client.

      • Working with a team of experts composed by BCT Bastion.

      • Establishment of foundations.
      • Constitution of trusts.

      Financial strategy

      • Choice of banking relationships in Switzerland &/or abroad.

      • Development of investment strategies in the medium and long term in line with your goals.

      • Proposal of a wide range of investment products.

      • All of the above taking into account the tax framework conditions.

      Asset management

      • Execution of a customized investment strategy.

      • Market watch.
      • Cash Management.
      • Monitoring results.
      • Control of transactions and relative costs.

      Family office

      • All aspects of management, coordination and monitoring of patrimonial wealth are covered with a view to preserving family coherence. We offer a full range of services with a long-term transgenerational goal.

      • Advice in philanthropy.
      confidence and serenity
    • BCT Bastion Capital & Trust, member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers

      Independence and transparency
      Management is a matter of trust. Independence, competence and intgrity are the values upheld by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).
      Active member of SAAM, BCT Bastion provides portfolio management services and pledges to carry on its business in a professional and flawless manner.

      SAAM, the leading trade association

      SAAM, guarantor of the profession
      SAAM is the leading industry association of independent asset managers in Switzerland. It was established in 1986 with the objective of creating a seal of approval for independent asset managers through self-regulation.

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      Protection & security
      Subject to the relevant laws and this Code of Conduct, the independent asset manager shall maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to all information of which he becomes aware in the course of his professional activity.

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      Swiss Code of Conduct

      The SAAM, as the industry association charged with safeguarding the interests and reputation of the profession, has issued this following Code of Conduct :
      - seeks to uphold and improve the professional reputation of Swiss independent asset managers in Switzerland and abroad,
      – contributes to the protection of investors and to the integrity of the capital markets,
      – and makes an effective contribution to the combat against money laundering and terrorism financing.

      Code of Conduct has been recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority(FINMA) as a code of conduct within the meaning of Art. 6 CISO. This Code of Conduct does not affect the duty of confidentiality in any way.

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    • Postal Address

      BCT Bastion Capital & Trust S.A.
      Cours des Bastions 5
      1205 Geneva

      Telephone : +41 22 740 1000
      Fax : +41 22 741 1000
      E-mail : info@bctbastion.com

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